Plenary presentation at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Precision Health Meeting

AGBT Precision Health Conference |
September 2018

Dr. Robert C. Green speaks at the 2018 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Precision Health Conference in San Diego, California about our efforts to gather empirical data on genome sequencing healthy individuals. Watch to learn more about G2P’s MilSeq, BabySeq, MedSeq, PeopleSeq, PGen and REVEAL projects. Click here for more on the conference.

Would you have your newborn genetically tested?

The Doctors |
March 2018

Dr. Robert C. Green talks about The BabySeq Project, the world’s first study of genetically sequencing newborns, and how genetic information can influence one’s medical care beginning from birth.

Unlocking my genome: Was it worth it?

December 2015

Megan Tirell seeks out Dr. Robert Green to have her genome sequenced and discusses her experience through the entire process; from meetings with the genetic counselors and learning about cost and variants of unknown significance, to getting her results in her disclosure meetings.

Full genetic test decodes lifelong health mystery

Boston Herald |
May 2015

Dr. Robert Green discusses how direct-to-consumer testing is used to find specific markers in your DNA that might code for specific diseases, whether accurate of not. He mentions that a whole genome sequencing, rather than a test that only codes for specific markers, is probably more accurate.