Nature Podcast

Nature Podcast/Radio |
August 2018

Much of genetic mutation classification is still to be determined by researchers, but what they do know can potentially help many patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in this specific study.

Would you want to know the secrets hidden in your baby’s genes?

November 2016

Conducting whole-exome sequencing on newborn babies during the BabySeq project highlighted important findings on how it would affect parents. While some were willing to know the information that was coded in their baby’s genes, many were resistant to this idea because of public policy and possible insurance mishaps.

Many parents reluctant to test newborn DNA for disease risk

October 2016

A family that had participated in the BabySeq project shares their experiences about getting their baby’s full genome test results back that showed a mutation in the elastin proteins (elastin helps heart muscles bend and stretch). The father of the baby states “.. I think the biggest regret would have been had something happened down … Continued

This American Life #577: Something only I can see

January 2016

An extremely interesting case study and audio report by journalist David Epstein tells the story of Jill Viles, who has muscular dystrophy and can’t walk. But she believes that she somehow has same condition as one of the best hurdlers in the world, Priscilla Lopes-Schliep. Epstein reaches out to Dr. Robert Green for professional medical … Continued

23andMe is jumping back into the market

Medical Xpress |
October 2015

Dr. Robert Green shares his insight on the 23andMe initiative and what people should know from these results. “I think this is something that has to be monitored as these services expand their market to less-sophisticated individuals.”